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Terry Sweet's process for creating and producing music for you.

Since our inception, Terry Sweet Music has been focused on one goal:

Creating first rate music that grabs the attention of your target audience and delivers your message to them in a way that is personal, memorable and emotionally impactful.


Here's how it works:


1. Discuss

You and I discuss the project.  I'll ask you a lot of questions about who

your company is, what you're about, your target demographics, if you have

a theme line or other lyric suggestions or ideas you think should be considered for inclusion in the lyric.


2. Demo

I take all of the information from our discussion and run it through the old thinkolater. It will then magically turn into music and words. Then, I'll play computerized instruments that sound a lot like piano, bass, guitar, drums, whatever instruments make sense for the style.  I'll add my vocals and do

a rough mix. 


This is your rough demo.  It's not perfect but it will give you a clear idea of the melody, lyric, pace and "sound" that I'm proposing.  


I'll suggest a couple of budget options based on the arrangement I envision.


3. Approval

You listen to that rough demo and then tell me it's perfect :)     (Seriously, if you need me to change something, I will - no charge.  I want it to be right

for you.


4. Arrange

When you've given me the "Go ahead," I score the piece - meaning that I write out a musical arrangement for the instrumentation and singers that we've discussed.  


5. Studio

You and I go into the recording studio - probably in Nashville or Chicago - where I'll have hired the best studio musicians and singers and engineers imaginable. We do all of our recording and mixing that day.  


We'll make multiple mixes:  :60's, :30's, various length voice over beds,

tags, etc. - every version you'll ever use.


You leave the studio with a fantastic finished product and a smile on your face - wishing the experience could go on and on!


Terry Sweet Music can compose and produce music for your advertisements and jingles

Terry conducting Nashville orchestra at RCA Recording Studios

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