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Terry Sweet

Music composer, lyricist,

arranger, producer, pianist, conductor.


Terry Sweet is known as the Jingle King. Emmy-nominated composer, singer, pianist Terry Sweet has composed hundreds of radio and TV jingles such as Kellogg¹s Raisin Bran, Kraft, John Deere, Allstate Insurance, AdventHealth Care, Milwaukee Brewers, Time of Grace, Colder's Furniture, 7 Mile Fair, Kendor Marine, Stein Gardens & Gifts, David Hobbs Honda, The Packing House, Wheel & Sprocket, Rejuvinix, etc, - winning many Addy Awards, Silver Microphones and Telly Awards. 

Terry has produced in studios across Nashville, Chicago, New York, Dallas, Salt Lake - working with musicians/singers from such bands as Faith Hill, Brooks and Dunn, Neil Young, Crosby Stills and Nash, Blood Sweat & Tears, Chicago, Amy Grant and many others.

King of the Jingle Releases Powerful, Debut Album

“You’ll feel the American Dream coming to life… and you can tap your toes to it.”

This uplifting, inspiring story of turning tragedy into triumph will lift the spirits of your target market. TerrySweet’s new album, LISTEN TO THE BARS was a lifetime in the making. Sweet has had a long, successful career writing and performing jingles that hook audiences and have sold everything from insurance to raisin bran. 

All the while, he kept learning the art of songwriting for his own music for some day… and that day is here.

He took the darkest moment of his life and transformed it into his brightest gift. Terry said, “I wrote the first draft of the title track, “Listen to the Bars,” following the death of my wife, almost four years ago.” 

He then composed and arranged the rest of the album during the COVID-19 shutdown in 2020-2021.

Gritty, powerful and vulnerable, Terry has tapped into themes that touch the American soul in his powerful, new album, LISTEN TO THE BARS.

He wrote all the words and music, scored every arrangement, played piano, organ, synthesizer and sang - and then produced the recording sessions at East Iris Recording Studios in Nashville. Each memorable track is inspired by its own separate, compelling story. “This album will take you on an emotional adventure, from an upbeat, sexy romp to a forlorn search for justice,” Sweet said. “It’s a concept album and the concept is the American dream.”

People never tire of the American Dream coming to life… especially if they can tap their toes to it.

Tap into Terry’s great story.






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