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What We Do
  • Jingles - Music and Words


We compose music and lyrics.  We arrange and score music for all instruments and singers - in any genre or style. We bring in the most amazingly talented musicians, singers and studio engineers on the planet - and focus them all on your product!


  • Corporate Songs - Music, Words, Scores


We compose songs and scores for live events and corporate videos.  We compose music and words to energize your sales force or rev up the whole company or introduce your new products to your market!


We are currently working on music for an animated TV series and will soon be composing an original score for a feature film.

Here's a short Sample Reel of jingles.
  • Radio & TV Jingles

  • Original Songs

  • ​Music for Corporate Videos and Live Events

  • Theme Songs for Animated TV Series

5 Corners Automotive Group

This is video of a jingle session I did in Nashville in May of 2017.
Pretty good idea of what we do for advertisers like 5 Corners.
Steinbrenner Financial Group

We recorded this jingle at Omni Sound Studios, May, 2017
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